Nurse Struck Off for Posting Residents’ Kissing Video on Snapchat

These days, nobody gets away with providing sub-standard care to the elderly and the vulnerable. Anyone who is discovered abusing their position of trust in this context faces immediate disciplinary action with the likely result of never being allowed to work in care again. This is exactly what has happened to one nurse, Paris Roberts, aged 23, who was employed by a care home in Cardiff Bay. Miss Roberts was found to have filmed two residents suffering from dementia, who she had coerced into kissing each other for her own entertainment. The ten-second video clip was then posted and shared on Snapchat.

What makes Ms Roberts’ behaviour even more alarming is the fact that she was a professional nurse, who would have undergone extensive training in safeguarding patients in her care, as well as promoting dignity and respect. Needless to say, at their disciplinary hearing into this case, it didn’t take the Nursing and Midwifery Council long to decide she should be permanently struck off. Commenting on the case, the chairman of the hearing, Martyn Griffiths, said that Ms Roberts’ behaviour showed a serious judgement lapse. It was also clear that she had abused her senior position as a nurse with junior care assistants working under her supervision. She had tried to pass the blame for the incident onto her colleagues. Worse still, while under investigation for the incident, Ms Roberts has applied for another job with another care home, without revealing she was being investigated.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic View home, which prides itself in exceptionally high care standards and well-trained staff who care about their residents, is trying to recover from the incident and associated bad publicity. As for Ms Roberts she now faces a future of shame and never being allowed to return to working in a care setting.

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