Deadline to claim back wrongly paid care home fees

Have you been paying care home fees in Wales? Don’t miss your chance to get a refund!

Contrary to common knowledge, residents and family members of those in care homes are not necessarily obliged to pay the fees out of their own pockets. Rather, your relative may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, a package in which care home fees are paid in full by the NHS.

To determine eligibility, an assessment of the patient’s needs will be undertaken by one of Wales’ health boards, in which both their general health and behaviour will be considered. Contributing factors include cognition, nutrition, mental health, mobility, skin condition, continence, and whether any medication is taken. If their needs are concluded to be primarily health-based, rather than social, any care home fees already paid can be reimbursed. If your relative is assessed as ineligible, there may be scope to challenge the board’s decision; please contact us for advice.

If you believe that your family has paid fees which are actually covered by NHS Continuing Healthcare, make sure you apply for a refund as soon as possible, before it’s too late. The Welsh government has stated that fees paid between 1st October 2014 and 30th October 2015 must be claimed back before the end of October 2016. Afterwards, no reimbursement will be possible, so act now for the chance to recover an average amount of £600 per week paid for; that’s around £31,200 if your relative was in a care home for the whole year! Should you have paid fees during this period for a patient who has since passed away, it is still possible to claim if they had health-based needs.

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